Tri-County Moving: Important Packing and Moving Tips

Planning a Yonkers Move is a tough nut to crack. Whether it’s about residential moving or commercial space moving, there is a long to-do list that opens up in front of you, making moving an overwhelming experience. But no worries, we are here with some important tips and tricks that will help you out in carrying the moving process smoothly.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Stuff

While you are in the process of removing things from the old shelves to move them onto the new shelves in the new places, don’t forget to filter out the things. With time, we tend to collect a huge clutter of unwanted pieces of stuff at our places but when you are planning for your new start, make sure you discard the unwanted objects and materials as this will reduce the stuff being transported, further saving you time and money.

Create A Document Folder

It’s very important to start everything systematically to avoid confusion or delays later on. It’s recommended to maintain a separate physical document folder comprising all the important documents concerning the moving, new space, and any other vital information. This will help to show up with the docs, especially when they are not available with you in a digital format.

Do Packing In Advance

Don’t keep things for the last minute. Start packing your objects early so, that you can move them out easily. Firstly pack those things without which you manage your work without days. This includes extra bedsheets, furniture, accessories, and crockery that are not in daily use, and later gradually pack the rest of the things.

Put Labels On Boxes

The next important task is to put labels on the boxes packed, especially the ones that are fragile, and mention the word “FRAGILE” on it as this will help the movers to understand that those boxes require special care while moving. Further, labels help the owners to easily identify what the box comprises during the unpacking.

Pre-Book A Moving Company

Book your moving services with the moving company in advance. Don’t rely on last-minute bookings as they can cause delays or long waiting periods. Further, pre-booking also helps to avail of discount offers, leading to cost-effecting moving services.

Take Snapshots Of Boxes

Don’t forget to take a snapshot of your boxes, so that you have a piece of evidence on the number of boxes you shifted and the condition of the boxes at the time of loading. This will help you get a claim in case any discrepancy arises in the future concerning the number of boxes or damage caused to the boxes.

So, these are a few tips and tricks that you must know while you plan to move. This is applicable for both the residential and commercial space moving. If you want high-quality and reliable local moving in Mount Vernon NY, movers in Yonkers, or moving companies in White Plains NY, then contact Tri-County Moving. We at Tri-County Moving provide unmatched moving services wherever you go. We are known for our quality, affordability, professionalism, and reliability. Hire moving service with Tri-County Moving today.